This month we added some great collections from several libraries, archives, and museums. Check out some of the new things you can now find in the Digital Commonwealth!

Lucy Vincent Beach from Harvard Forest Archives
Lucy Vincent Beach from Harvard Forest Archives

Harvard Forest Archives

Harvard Forest Martha’s Vineyard Collection – 169 items

Perkins School for the Blind

Anne Sullivan Photograph Collection – 34 items

Laura Bridgman Collection – 180 items

Perkins Postcards – 98 items

Photos of Helen Keller in the Middle East – 20 items

Springfield College Archives and Special Collections

Cliff Smith YMCA Postcard Collection – 4236 items

University of Massachusetts Lowell Libraries

21542 newly harvested items

USS Constitution Museum

War of 1812 Collection – 1 item added to existing collection

Wilbraham Public Library

Wilbraham Public Library Glass Plate Negatives Collection – 70 items added to existing collection


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